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The legendary writer of books like Fear n Loathing in Las Vegas exaggerates - but he’s not completely wrong. Music can be a cruel mistress and a tough business - and a business it certainly is ... if you want to make a living as a music artiste.

At HD we understand that - empowering artistes to be money-earning music professionals.

The Artiste

Without the artiste the music industry would not exist. It’s as simple as that. Be it singers, instrumentalists, electronic music wizards, bands or DJs - musical creation begins with them. Everything and everyone else follows - record companies, studios, all the people involved in the music industry.

The support of solid artiste direction from a strong management team means artiste’s can take their place at the top of this chain - earning good income from music. 

Artiste Direction

This includes everything from getting the artist gigs and liaising with the media, to negotiating recording contracts and making sure that the business and legal aspects of the artist’s career are in order.

HD’s Artiste Direction division provides artistes with the business acumen and admin support they need!

We deal with the nitty gritty - freeing artistes to do what they do best! - make music!

A&R [A& R - the Artist and Repertoire Managers decide which artists a record label records and develops. They sign the artist. A&Rs monitor progress on behalf of the label - once an artist is signed and the album production begins.

They’re frequent studio visitors - making sure the production process results in something the record company can market.]

At HD we are masters of A&R relations!

It’s all about empowerment - empowering our artistes with the most effective and ethical tools to further their career in the music and entertainment businesses.

And we provide support and skill to artiste’s managers too.

Ultimately, great music management involves playing various simultaneous roles - press agent, promoter, booking agent, business manager, tour managers and sometimes even a personal assistant.

Let us help you develop your musical career and make money from it.



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