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The technological revolution means making and recording music is accessible to all - and the more you know, the better you can leverage this.

Knowledge is POWER and we take the 'OW' out of learning.

Beyond books, academic institutions and even brilliant mentors and teachers - HD E-D-U will take you to the next level! 

We add to, enhance and consolidate everything you know - giving you the most truthful information seen by your eyes, through your ears and digested into finger tips.

Our quality personally guided courses are geared to make you better, faster, more accurate and effective - the best you can be in any music field.

We offer you a scintillating selection of online and face-to-face education, coaching, tuition and advice. Whether you prefer remote learning or personalised attention, we’ll tailor an education regimen ideal for you!

Instruments & Singing Tuition - Face to Face

Get awesome mobile individual tuition on instruments like piano and electronic keyboard, to voice, bass and guitar, drums, woodwind and brass instruments - from beginners to advanced learners. Theory and aural training are also available for personal growth or exam preparation.

Enjoy brilliant lessons in the comfort of your own home in Johannesburg or in our private studios conducted by our professional tutors.

Degreeless +PLUS - Face to Face and Online

So you don't have a degree in music. You want to study at tertiary level, but your dream of going to a prestigious university isn't reality.

We bring that awesome level of education to you!

We knowledgeably guide you across the full learning spectrum - from practical prowess to theoretical understanding.

Find your direction with the best tutors and books available - be it at home in the flesh or by remote learning on your computer screen.

Digital Scoring - Face to Face and Online

So you're an arranger, composer, songwriter or cray-zee about writing music. Whatever your notated story might be, we can read between the lines.

We’re not in the middle ages. Everyone today some electronic device stuck to their hands.

Go digital!

We show you how to put down the pen and paper - to stop rewriting over and over again - to never inaccurately transpose your arrangements again!

Let us unveil Sibelius 7 - the fastest, smartest and easiest way to write music - through visual colour - made even more powerful with its professional-quality sound lib

Expert Consultation - Face to Face and Online

Making music, and making a living from music, both involve a series of skill sets. Deciding on which of those are relevant to you, and how to actualise them, is not always easy. Our expert consulting services can deal with any and all issues - from parents of school learners deciding on whether their children should take music as a subject, to assessing young musicians’ potential to go pro, to invoicing for performances, managing gigs, running bands as a business or skilfully managing artists, seamlessly.

Online Modules: We are developing a series of modules on various facets of musicianship and music business management for easy online purchase and download.

Personalised Consultations: We also consult privately to those seeking mindful advice on any music-related issue - from nursery school tuition, to high school exam prep, getting into the industry early, pursuing your education and dream at university, to becoming an expert in the music profession.

Live Workshops

From seminars to discussion groups, our workshops emphasize the exchange of ideas - together with the demonstration and application of outstanding techniques.

Enjoy phenomenal workshops that beautifully drill both practical and theoretical exercises - creating flawless competency.

Learn from the Best At the HD Music Group, we only associate ourselves with the finest pros for the job. You’ll receive a high-end education, conducted by industry experts in the music and entertainment industries. Beyond Academia We don’t drown you in theory. Our workshops are outstanding because of their pragmatic focus - entwining a mindful mix of practical and theoretical drilling. Attendance Is Easy - Online and Face-to-Face

Online: Anytime you want to! Go on. Log on!

Face-to-Face: Just fill in one of our online forms. We’ll notify you in advance of when our Face-to-Face workshops happen. Check out the vast array of diverse workshops we offer!

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