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Roger started out on piano and then progressed to guitar which eventually ‘showed him the way’ to playing the bass. Roger then went to study under legendary Carlo Mombelli for a year which then made him decide to further his musical knowledge - studying at the TUT School of Music (Pretoria) where he obtained his Bachelor of Technikon for music. He has played numerous gigs in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg with various artists; and has also been a part of the Jonathan Crossley Electric Band and played many gigs with the up and coming band La Diva.

At university he played for the TUT big band, which is led by John Davies; ensembles directed by Kevin Davidson, Hugo De Waal, Roland Moses; and an ensemble guided by American guitarist Gary Wittner on his visit to South Africa. Roger's musical background comes mainly from rock and jazz but he is quickly adapting to pop and dance music.



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