Stunningly accomplished musicians in their own right - a melodic journey with the option to combine them with backing tracks and / or our D.J. to crank them to the highest notch!



Playing cocktail piano and electronic keyboard - Kevy G covers all music styles - with a 1000+ song repertoire that tinkles on those ivory keys... more about Kevy G connie


Carless Whisper should give you a perfect saxophonic clue - capturing you with her saxy sounds - from background Baker streets and Kenny G to those well known... more about Connie alicia


A sassy songstress with backing tracks who is also an accomplished M.C. - Captivating with sultry vocals from easy listening jazzy tunes, to pop ballades, all time favourite mellow tunes and... more about Alicia eustace


A trumpeter who can really toot that horn! - You’ll be amazed at the type of setting he can create - from chilled out vibes to jazzy times, to combining with a house-music D.J. and blasting... more about Eustace zano


A voice of note! - Singing laid back easy listening, gospel, pop, rock, Jackson, some Louis Armstrong and even making you bounce on the dance floor - perfectly capable of MCing as well... more about Zano kristel


Vanessa Mae wishes! This lady can play her Violin - from classical music, to religious songs, the Josh Groban experience and all the majesty her instrument is famous for... more about Kristel drago


From nights fandango Spanish guitar to autumn leaves acoustic jazz - Drago’s strings vibrate with beauty - from laid back to andele andele arriba arriba Spanish nights!